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Oncology & Hematology Coding Alert
This unique resource will provide all the information and "how to" advice that you need to cut the coding confusion in oncology and hematology. With the myriad of constant changes in regulations, this will provide detailed advice on valuable topics.
397 USD
Cardiology Coding Alert
The perfect tool to cut through the coding confusion in the challenging specialty of cardiology. It offers you coding advice for procedures performed such as cardiovascular stress test, inject for coronary x-rays, Doppler echo exam of heart and much more.
396.99 USD
Part B Insider
Contains news and analysis regarding Part B reimbursement and regulation.
347 USD
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Anesthesia & Pain Management Coding Alert
This eight-page monthly newsletter offers anesthesia and pain-specific coding advice to ensure optimal reimbursement from insurance claims.
347 USD
Pulmonology Coding Alert
Pulmonology Coding Alert
347 USD
ED Coding Alert
This newsletter will get your emergency medicine practice the reimbursement it rightfully deserves. It will provide your practice with the details for coding and documenting procedures and services, s ...
347 USD
Oasis Alert
OASIS Alert is your guide to outcomes, compliance and reimbursement success. The federal government is cracking down on health billing violations don't get caught with a huge fine or being denied reim ...
327 USD
Construction Claims Monthly
Newsletter on current construction case law - summaries and expert legal commentaries on six to eight cases in each issue. Cross referenced and fully annotated.
317 USD
Shortex has the research you need to control the market, in either bull or bear markets, the hedge position presents the best strategic approach. The Shortex Market Letter provides you with the inform ...
299.99 USD
Pathology/Lab Coding Alert
Pathology/Lab Coding Alert is an eight-page monthly newsletter devoted exclusively to helping both pathology departments (in facilities), laboratories, and practitioners solve their unique coding chal ...
299 USD
Ob-Gyn Coding Alert
Discover how you can avoid miscoding and denied reimbursement for outpatient office visits and procedures such as an echo exam of pelvis, biopsy of uterus lining, CA screen; pelvic/breast exam and man ...
299 USD
Gastroenterology Coding Alert
Coding advice specific to gastroenterology. Receive proven tactics to optimize your endoscopic billing, in-office and inpatient visits, colonoscopy claims and much more. Read about how to avoid denial ...
299 USD
Otolaryngology Coding Alert
The perfect aid to cut through the coding confusion in the challenging specialty of ENT. You'll optimize your pay-up when coding for procedures such as allergy skin tests, tympanometry, ear microscopy ...
299 USD
Neurosurgery Coding Alert
Expert advice to help you properly code, document, and sort through all the billing intricacies for E/M services, removal of spinal lamina, carpal tunnel surgery, removal of brain lesion, rechanneling ...
299 USD
Urology Coding Alert
Urology Coding Alert covers coding and reimbursement topics such as cystoscopy, biopsy of prostate, residual urine by ultrasound, treatment of bladder lesion, and more. The monthly newsletter can help ...
299 USD
Neurology Coding Alert
Neurology Coding Alert is an eight-page one-stop coding and compliance resource that provide tips and tactics to help make neurology coding easier, faster, and more accurate. Articles cover how to pro ...
299 USD
General Surgery Coding Alert
This eight-page monthly newsletter is structured to help medical professionals enhance their coding skills in the most technical surgical cases to ensure proper billing and payment for surgical proced ...
299 USD
Home Care Week
Home Care Week is the magazine for home care professionals. Each issue focuses on government regulations, industry trends, fraud, and abuse initiatives. This magazine subscription will help you cut th ...
299 USD
Orthopedic Coding Alert
This newsletter contains up-to-date orthopedic-specific information to help ethically optimize your claims' reimbursement and cut down on delays and denials. Learn to properly code for such services a ...
299 USD
Long Term Care Survey Alert
The Long-Term Care Survey Report provides seasoned advice on what surveyors are looking for and practical tips on how you can impress them and increase JCAHO and state survey scores.
297 USD
Physical Medicine & Rehab Coding Alert
This newsletter is chock-full of expert advice to help insure you properly code and document your claims for therapeutic services, motor nerve conduction tests, neuromuscular reeducation, gait trainin ...
297 USD
MDS Alert
MDS Alert is your monthly guide to navigating the confusing path between MDS compliance and underbilling - a path where one wrong step can mean thousands in lost reimbursement.
297 USD
Rehab Report
Rehab Report is a magazine for rehab professionals. Each issue covers changes to health coverage, inpatient PPS, financial and market trends, and the latest technology and medical advances. Whether yo ...
297 USD
Home Health ICD-9 Alert
Home Health ICD-9 Alert
297 USD
Ophthalmology Coding Alert
The Ophthalmology Coding Alert is a monthly newsletter that contains ophthalmology-specific coding and compliance information on how to properly file claims for such services as removal of cataracts, ...
297 USD
Radiology Coding Alert
This newsletter offers you the latest information and tactics to optimize your radiology reimbursement. It covers nitty-gritty coding tactics for procedures such as: echo exam of abdomen, bone imaging ...
297 USD
Family Practice Coding Alert
This resource is specifically designed to help your family practice solve its unique coding challenges. In every issue, you will receive expert coding tactics for procedures and services, such as E/M ...
297 USD
Health Information Compliance Alert
This hands-on guide to complying with tough HIPAA mandates on information privacy and security is guaranteed to answer your important HIPAA compliance concerns.
247 USD
Internal Medicine Coding Alert
Cut through the confusion of correctly billing insurance companies and Medicare for your internal medicine claims. This nitty-gritty coding resource will help you accurately code for E/M services, ele ...
247 USD
Medical Office Billing & Collections Alert
Supplies "how-to" information to help you streamline your billing practices and file the cleanest claims possible in the face of constantly changing regulations
247 USD
Inside Microsoft Office
Inside Microsoft Office
227 USD
Executive Secretary
Executive Secretary magazine is made up of whitepapers, toolkits, articles and checklists that help to enable secretaries to develop both knowledge and skills. Executive Secretary shares up to the min ...
190 USD
Kiplinger's Tax Letter
The Kiplinger Tax Letter is written for individual taxpayers. The Kiplinger Tax Letter is written in non-technical language and provides clear, concise year-round tax assistance for non-experts.
147 USD
Kiplinger Letter
The Kiplinger Letter features business forecasts, practical advice and guidance to help you profit and prosper. It includes analyses and judgements on business trends, government policies and programs ...
117 USD
Sportswear International
The fashion magazine with coverage of the men's & women's casual and active sportswear market. It looks at cutting edge trends & provides information for key retail executives. Features intern ...
117 USD
Nursing Administration Quarterly
NAQ is a topic-focused journal for nurse executives providing cutting-edge management trends and solutions to difficult administrative challenges. Each issue includes strategies for improved patient c ...
114 USD
Nurse Educator
Respected resource that nursing faculty and in-service educators turn to for developments and innovations in nursing education. Articles cover the practice and theory of nursing education, including c ...
109.96 USD
Medical Economics
Medical Economics is a magazine for physicians. Each issue gives prudent advice on managing your practice, personal finances, patient relations, and professional career. Regular features include surve ...
108.99 USD
30 Plus Milf
30 Plus Milf is an adult magazine that offers everything you dream of and desire in sexy and sultry women over thirty years old. Issues include provocative photos and graphic stories.
99.99 USD
Nasty Housewives
This explicit magazine makes coveting your neighbors wife sinfully fun! Full color pictures of milfs and tits, horny bitches and their toys. Meet the ladies at play, read their letters and check out t ...
99.99 USD
40 Plus
40+ Magazine is an adult magazine that cherishes women in the prime of life. Ones who have seen it all and now want to take it for themselves. They know no sexual boundaries and are ready to break you ...
99.99 USD
Advances In Nursing Science
Advances in Nursing Science journal is a peer-reviewed journal written for nursing doctoral program faculties and students. Advances in Nursing Science journal examines timely research topics that are ...
99.95 USD
Health Care Manager
This distinguished journal, written for every health care professional in a managerial or supervisory role, focuses on strengthening management and supervisory skills. The Health Care Manager cuts acr ...
99.91 USD
Cancer Nursing
Addresses the spectrum of problems in the care and support of cancer patients--prevention and detection, geriatric and pediatric cancer nursing, medical and surgical oncology, ambulatory care, nutriti ...
99.91 USD
Clinical Nurse Specialist
Addresses the role of the advanced practice nurse as a researcher, consultant, clinician, executive, peer and patient educator--regardless of specialty. From defining and justifying the role of the cl ...
99.91 USD
Worth magazine offers a blend of financial and investing strategies and insights. Each issue combines financial analysis with world news, politics, culture, art, and technology. Special features inclu ...
99 USD
Boating Industry
For more than 75 years, all those serious about the business of boating have turned to Boating Industry magazine-the most authoritative voice of the marine market-for strategic analysis, in-depth cove ...
99 USD
AACN Advanced Critical Care
Official Journal of the American Association of Critical Care Nurses -- provides a peer-reviewed source of clinical information for advanced practice nurses caring for critically ill patients.
96.9 USD
The Jerusalem Report
Offers original journalism from Israel, the Middle East and the Jewish world. The Report aims to bridge the gaps between Israel and the Diaspora, and honestly assess Israel's relations with its Arab n ...
89 USD
Harvard Business Review
Invest in yourself, drive change, innovate for growth, lead smarter - from the best and the brightest in the industry today. Harvard Business Review is THE magazine for decision-makers. It's where glo ...
89 USD
San Diego Business Journal
The San Diego Business Journal is the community's leading source for hard-hitting business news.
88.99 USD
Engineering News Record Magazine provides the business and technical news needed by anyone who makes a living in or from the construction industry.
87 USD
Nutrition Today
Published for 39 years this established journal features informative review articles written by leaders in the field. Regular coverage of nutrition science, biotechnology, obesity and behavioral issue ...
83.91 USD
Passion Magazine is a platform for new talent to let their work be seen. Passion Magazine is a platform for masters to display their skills + inpire the younger generation. Let your work inspire other ...
80 USD
27th year of highly accurate forecasts of humanity's progress. Reports news seeking to eliminate spins of political, commercial and religious varieties. Mainly covers news of progress. An independent, ...
79.99 USD
Education Week
America's education newspaper of record, Education Week, provides timely, objective & comprehensive reports on trends & developments that are shaping K-12 education. Education Week also featur ...
79.99 USD
BBC Music
BBC MUSIC is passionate about the world of classical music and provides an expert monthly guide to everything an enthusiast needs to know. Covering all aspects of live events, broadcast and recordings ...
79.95 USD
Managed Healthcare Executive
Managed Healthcare Executive serves management teams who shape policy, purchasing, and healthcare decisions for large patient populations. It also provides insight and analysis to apply industry trend ...
79 USD
Jerusalem Report
Offers original journalism from Israel, the Middle East & the Jewish world, aiming to honestly assess Israel's relations with its Arab neighbors.
78.99 USD
This is a weekly news magazine featuring an inside look at celebrity news and lifestyles. Every week, in addition to feature articles, it includes horoscopes, puzzles, advice and the latest in celebri ...
78 USD
In Touch
In Touch Magazine is the perfect weekly magazine devoted entirely to the world of celebrity for the on-the-go reader. It's packed with the latest celebrity gossip, stunning photos and fashion, plus ar ...
76.99 USD
Architectural Record
Essential to the profession for more than 110 years, Architectural Record provides a compelling editorial mix of design ideas and trends, building science, business and professional strategies, explor ...
72 USD
Soap Opera Digest
SOAP OPERA DIGEST is a special interest publication edited for daytime and prime time soap operas. Issues feature on-camera happenings, late-breaking news, soap synopses and exclusive interviews t ...
69.99 USD
Interior Design
Residential and commercial interiors are featured every month. Covers the business as well as the beauty, of interior design. Each issue contains insights and inspiration on managing the business, leg ...
69.99 USD
Bbc History
BBC HISTORY aims to shed new light on the past to help you make more sense of the world today. History is rich in fascinating stories, and you'll find great tales in every issue of the magazine. BBC H ...
69.99 USD
Designed to attract an audience that may not typically subscribe to a music magazine with its monthly companion CD, graphics, and photography, and life-style oriented coverage, Jazziz Magazine is on t ...
69.95 USD
The Week
Besides bringing readers up to date on the world scene and what the smartest people are saying about it. The Week's editors scour hundreds of newspapers, magazines, and Web sites (U.S. and foreign), ...
69 USD
Jerusalem Post IVRIT
Jerusalem Post IVRIT is an easy-Hebrew monthly for the whole family. Each issue of Jerusalem Post IVRIT contains articles on three levels - easy, intermediate and difficult with dictionaries on each p ...
69 USD
Us Weekly
Us Weekly magazine is a revealing, insider's look at all the trends and personalities important to the entertainment industry. Us Weekly is packed with fascinating news reports that take you way beyon ...
67.08 USD
Editor & Publisher
Editor & Publisher is the newspaper industry's magazine. Each issue features the latest in editorial, circulation, and production news. This magazine subscription covers all aspects of today's new ...
65 USD
New Republic
The New Republic Magazine is an award-winning journal of opinion that covers both the state of the Nation and the state of the Culture. Ever since it's founding in 1914, the mission of New Republic ha ...
59.97 USD
Covers the motion picture industry.
59.95 USD
OK! is the world's biggest weekly celebrity magazine. Each issue is filled with celebrity photographs, interviews, close-up views inside their homes, on their vacations, and all the details of their d ...
59.95 USD
BBC Homes & Antiques
HOMES & ANTIQUES is the magazine for people who love great design and beautiful objects from every era, providing a unique mix of the very best of the old with the very best of the new. That's why ...
59.9 USD
Soccer Italia
Soccer Italia magazine is the complete english language guide to the Italian International Soccer scene. The magazine, published in Canada, contains exclusive interviews with the star names, authorita ...
59 USD
Art & Auction
Art & Auction is an international publication covering artwork ranging from antiques to contemporary. Each issue features artist profiles, in-depth looks into schools of art, analysis of market tr ...
58.99 USD
Peer-reviewed journal providing drug information to healthcare professionals who influence the selection and use of drugs in hospitals, HMOs, and other managed care settings. It covers newly approved ...
58 USD
Powersports Business
PowerSports Business is the first place the powersports industry looks for breaking news. PowerSports Business gives dealers, distributors and manufacturers timely business news and analysis that give ...
56 USD
Soccer 360
Soccer 360 magazine covers the world of soccer. Each issue of Soccer 360 magazine covers the international soccer community through tournaments news, interviews, previews and profiles.
55 USD
A journal about horror movies. Features the bloodiest makeup secrets and the most chilling interviews with all-time greats of horrordom. It previews and gives first looks at the latest horror films.
54.97 USD
Science News
Science News is a weekly newsmagazine covering the most important research findings in all fields of science and medicine. Its pages are packed with short, accurate stories that appeal to nonscientist ...
54.5 USD
The Ring
Ring Magazine is a boxing magazine that was first published in 1922. Ring Magazine, first edited by hall of famer Nat Fleischer, has opened boxing scandals, helped make unknown fighters famous worldwi ...
53.7 USD
American Farriers Journal
American Farriers Journal magazine is written for professional farriers, veterinarians and horse care specialists. Each issue of American Farriers Journal magazine features articles on horse anatomy, ...
52.95 USD
Bank Systems & Technology
Reaches over 24,000 senior level banking executives, providing a technology roadmap into the new age of banking.
52 USD
Digital Video
Digital Video Magazine is focused on the needs of digital video and digital media creators.
51.97 USD
Sugar Journal
Contains technical articles on topics of special interests: factory operations, agricultural production, experimental field programs, disease control and similar subjects of special interest.
50 USD
Bloomberg BusinessWeek
Each issue of BusinessWeek features in-depth perspectives on the financial markets, industries, trends, technology and people guiding the economy. Draw upon BusinessWeek's timely incisive analysis t ...
49.99 USD
Home Accents Today
Merchandising and fashion news magazine of the home accent industry.
49.99 USD
Kidz - Idz
Included in every kit is a Child Fingerprinting, DNA & Dental Records Kit, a Child Safety Car Seat Decal, a Kidz-IDz Bracelet, a Childs Photo ID & Medical Emergency Card, an Electronic ID, an ...
49.95 USD
Dupont Registry
A monthly, full-color magazine featuring the finest classic, luxury and exotic automobiles in the world for sale.
49.95 USD
Cessna Owner
Cessna Owner is the official magazine of The Cessna Owner Organization, which has been serving Cessna owners for over 30 years. The magazine is one of many valuable member benefits provided to Cessna ...
49.95 USD
Pro Wrestling Illustrated
Pro Wrestling Illustrated magazine provides an in-depth look into the world of professional wrestling. Utilizing the talents of some of the world's finest writers, editors, photographers and designers ...
49.95 USD
The Hockey News
Covers the game of hockey from the minors, colleges, amateurs, European and international teams to the NHL. Includes information on trades, opinions, promotions, controversies, wins, losses, goals, as ...
49.95 USD
World Magazine is a weekly, full-color magazine that reports the news from a Christian perspective. Features inlcude thought-provoking editorials and commentary, cultural analysis, national and intern ...
49.95 USD
Pipers is the official magazine of The Piper Owner Society, which has been serving Piper owners for over 20 years. The magazine is one of many valuable member benefits provided to Piper Owners.
49.95 USD
Sports Market Report
Sports Market Report Magazineprovides the collectibles enthusiast with suggested prices of baseball cards, football cards, hockey cards, basketball cards, game-used bats, autographs, jerseys and more!
48.99 USD
Modern Painters
Modern Painters is the definitive international source of commentary and analysis of contemporary art and culture. Included in the 9-issue subscription to Modern Painters magazine is a free one-year s ...
47.99 USD
The American Spectator
The American Spectator is a conservative magazine about politics and culture. Founded in 1967, The American Spectator, offers a fresh perspective on what's really going on in Washington DC with news, ...
47.97 USD
Nascar Illustrated
NASCAR Illustrated magazine is for people who love NASCAR. Find profiles and interviews with your favorite drivers and award-winning photography in each issue of NASCAR Illustrated magazine.
45 USD
Vintage Motorsport
Vintage Motorsport brings you the legacy of motor racing. Each issue features the in-depth history of racing courses with stunning photography, insightful articles, and interviews with racing legends. ...
44.99 USD
Beckett Sports Card Monthly
Beckett Sports Card Monthly magazine offers collector information and pricing for a variety of sports cards and collectibles. Beckett Sports Card Monthly magazine features information on Baseball, Foo ...
44.95 USD
Beckett Baseball
Beckett Baseball Collector Magazine provides in-depth coverage of up-and-coming, and already established superstars in professional baseball. Its editorial content contains photo-intensive feature art ...
44.95 USD
Published 8 times a year Whisky Magazine is the perfect complement to the dram in your glass. Every issue brings you fascinating articles on the art, science and romance of the 'water of life', plus p ...
44.65 USD
Track & Field News
Magazine devoted exclusively to coverage of track and field in the United States and worldwide.
43.95 USD
Bills Digest
You won't miss any of the excitement this season if you subscribe to Bills Digest, the only magazine devoted to coverage of the Buffalo Bills. For nearly two decades Bill fans have relied on Bills Dig ...
42.95 USD
Satellite Orbit
Satellite Orbit magazine is a satellite dish television guide for customers of C-band, 4DTV, DISH Network, Digital Video Broadcast and Ku-Band. Satellite Orbit magazine provides a rundown of programmi ...
42.95 USD
Giant Insider
The Giants Insider is the only magazine devoted to coverage of the New York Giants. For over a decade Giants fans have relied on The Giants Insider's expert, in-depth analysis and opinion on their fav ...
42.95 USD
Basketball Times
Basketball Times is The Real Voice of Collegiate Basketball and has been for over 25 years. Widely read by coaches, administrators and basketball media, BT combines award-winning writing with incred ...
39.99 USD
Cheri Magazine goes boldly to the extreme! Lusty photos and provocative storylines.
39.99 USD
Christian Retailing
If your company supplies products or services to the fast-paced Christian Retailing industry, then Christian Retailing is a "must" read for you.
39.99 USD
Horns Illustrated
Horns Illustrated focuses on all sports at the University of Texas and is read by UT alumni, sports enthusiasts and those who are passionate about the University.
39.99 USD
Club is a monthly American pornographic magazine which is a spin-off publication of the United Kingdom's Club International. Club features sexually oriented articles, video reviews, and pictorials tha ...
39.99 USD
Home Healthcare Nurse
Serves the needs of home care and hospice nurses with a highly interactive, timely focus on the multi-dimensional, interdisciplinary, and practice areas of home care.
39.95 USD
Cross Stitch Gold
Cross Stitch Gold magazine features the world's most beautiful cross stitch designs in one unique collection. Each issue of Cross Stitch Gold magazine includes free easy-to-read charts, seasonal desig ...
39.95 USD
Live Steam & Railroading
Live Steam & Outdoor Railroading is devoted to the live steam hobby, as well as to other uses of miniature and full-size steam.
39.95 USD
Collectible Automobile
Collectible Automobile brings automotive history to life. Each issue is filled with articles on collectible and special interest cards from 1930 to 1980 with full-color photos, history, and engaging w ...
39.95 USD
Hustler Magazine is the infamous publication from Larry Flynt that features a diverse variety of the hottest women of all time in diverse and erotic pictorials. Each issue contains explicit erotic nud ...
39.95 USD
Information on motorcycling, new products and accessories.
39.95 USD
V-Twin magazine offers everything two-wheeled enthusiasts want. Find reviews on riding wear, the latest accessories, the finest American and metric custom cruisers and reader stories in each issue of ...
39.95 USD
Kiplinger's Retirement Report
Kiplinger's Retirement Report provides authoritative help to plan and enjoy a worry-free retirement. Each issue of Retirement Report reveals the best strategies for retirement investing and estate pla ...
39.95 USD
Hustler's Barely Legal
Hustler's Barely Legal is a monthly adult magazine that includes explicit erotic nudity. High-quality pictorial spreads feature photos of beautiful young women who have just turned eighteen, in the st ...
39.95 USD
The Crafts Report
The Crafts Report is an essential part of every artist's business collection. This monthly magazine delivers tips and tricks on everything from creating great photographs of artist's work to setting u ...
39.95 USD
Quality Popular Crossword Puzzles
The perfect magazine for the solver who has outgrown easy puzzles and is ready to move on. Every issue is a Jumbo special and includes 100 puzzles ranging from easy to challenging, as well as 4 Bible ...
39 USD
Church Executive
Church Executive is the magazine that senior pastors, executive pastors and business administrators of America s largest Christian churches are reading. Each issue is packed with pertinent information ...
39 USD
Tattoo Magazine is the world famous magazine dedicated to tattoo art. Each issue is filled with incredible skin art that will inspire you to create or get tattooed. Monthly features include profiles o ...
38.99 USD
We find the world far too interesting and humanity far too complicated to be defined exclusively by one culture's point of view. Driftwood is a literary journal dedicated to writers depicting the fore ...
38.99 USD
Fantasy & Science Fiction
One of the longest-running and most highly regarded magazines in the field, F&SF is the original publisher of Stephen King's Gunslinger stories, Daniel Keyes' "Flowers for Algernon," and many othe ...
38.97 USD
Gun Digest
This magazine provides deals on guns and ammo, it is very easy to use and provides detailed articles.
37.98 USD
PRINT magazine informs and enlightens the graphic design profession with in-depth reporting and critical commentary on the emergent issues, trends, and ideas affecting global visual communications. PR ...
36.99 USD
Pro Rodeo Sports News
Provides rodeo fans with heart-pounding articles & photos from America's top rodeos.
36.99 USD
Fine Homebuilding
Fine Homebuilding Magazine is for both novice and expert builders. Fine Homebuilding provides its readers with information on professional-level building and remodeling techniques. Expert builders giv ...
36.99 USD
Card Player
Card Player magazine is THE foremost authority on all things poker. Inside Card Player, you'll find page after page of informative playing strategy, poker articles by some of the greatest poker player ...
36.97 USD
National Jewish Post & Opinion
Published since 1935, The National Jewish Post & Opinion contains news, commentary, and opinion from writers and thinkers across the political spectrum.
35.99 USD
Collector's Crosswords
Collector's Crosswords 120 Sunday-size puzzles, including many thematic crosswords. Outstanding puzzles ranging from 1-star to 3-star to suit all levels of solvers.
35.99 USD
Urban Ink
Urban Ink Magazine is the only publication completely dedicated to the tattoo culture amid people of color. The magazine proudly celebrates this community's unique style of body art and the lifestyle ...
35.95 USD
Sea Classics
Combines trends in the naval and maritime world with stories of men and ships in the sea. Focuses on naval history, tracing the epic sea battles of all eras.
35.95 USD
Uptown Puzzle Club
The classic, challenging brain teasers that test your vocabulary.
35 USD
Global Traveler
Global Traveler gets you where you want to be in comfort and style. This magazine subscription is ideal for business and luxury travelers. Each issue highlights amazing destinations around the world w ...
34.99 USD
Down Beat
Edited for student, amateur, and professional musicians and educators seriously involved in contemporary music (Jazz, rock, blues, electronics, etc.)
34.99 USD
Video Game Trader
Video Game Trader Magazine is a quarterly print magazine devoted to classic and orphaned video games and the systems that play them. Each issue of VG Trader contains reviews, retrospectives, interview ...
34.99 USD
The Counter Terrorist
America's premiere informational journal for Homeland Security professionals, our mission is to provide first responders relevant technical information they need to combat terrorism at home and abroad ...
34.99 USD
Old Cars Weekly
Old Car News is for the collector car enthusiast.
34.98 USD
You won't miss any of the excitement this season if you subscribe to Warpath, the only magazine devoted to coverage of the Washington Redskins. For nearly two decades Redskins fans have relied on Warp ...
34.95 USD
Silver & Black Illustrated
You won't miss any of the excitement if you subscribe to Silver & Black Illustrated, the only magazine devoted to coverage of the Oakland Raiders. For over two decades Raider Nation has relied on ...
34.95 USD
For Americans wanting a conservative viewpoint on news and politics. Get arresting commentaries from the nation's top conservative opinion leaders and dramatic photography of significant national and ...
34.95 USD
Superb Crosswords Jumbo
A collection of 110 of our very best thematic crosswords, constructed by leading puzzle constructors. A gold mine for the thematic crossword fan!
34.95 USD
Dedicated to musicians, jazz and blues fans and audiophiles. Focuses on roots-oriented music and includes artists profiles, record reviews and arranging tips.
34.95 USD
Covers weapons, tactics, and training. Also includes product reviews, the tactics of professionals, and real world training.
34.95 USD
Jets Confidential
You won't miss any of the excitement of Gang Green's 2009 season if you subscribe to Jets Confidential, the only magazine devoted to coverage of the New York Jets. For the past 16 seasons Jets fans ha ...
34.95 USD
Dance Magazine delivers insightful articles, features and columns on the best of today s global dance scene. Featuring stars of today and tomorrow, career advice, health & wellness tips, education ...
34.95 USD
If you love artfully created collectible dolls, DOLLS magazine is for you. DOLLS will show you how to find collectible dolls, learns what they cost and discover new artists.
34.95 USD
Blue Ribbon Crosswords Special
Blue Ribbon Crosswords Special brings you easy crossword puzzles that are fund to solve and easy on the eyes. 132 puzzles in every issue.
34.95 USD
Business magazine designed to inspire & guide motivated business people to lead truly successful lives.
34.95 USD
Fine Woodworking
Fine Woodworking Magazine features accomplished woodworkers sharing their knowledge with fellow hobbyists. A magazine subscription to Fine Woodworking is perfect for both the novice and expert cabinet ...
34.95 USD
Discover Britain
Discover Britain magazine combines the traveler's firsthand experience of the present with the historian's expert knowledge of the past. Each issues of Discover Britain magazine acts as a trustworthy ...
34.75 USD
Fun for Kidz
For boys and girls ages 6-14, Fun for Kidz offers fun-filled activities to entertain and educate. Fun for Kidz is an action-based, activity magazine with a wholesome philosophy that encourages childre ...
33.95 USD
Boys' Quest
Boys' Quest is a bi-monthly magazine for boys ages 5-13. Each issue is packed with fun stories and cartoons, building projects, jokes and riddles, easy recipes, guides on collecting things, science ex ...
33.95 USD
Odyssey Magazine is a physical and space science magazine written in language that kids between the ages of 10 and 15 can understand and enjoy.
33.95 USD
Babybug begins a lifelong love of books for infants and toddlers 6 months to 2 years. For babies who love to be read to, And parents who love to read to them. Babybug is fun. It's filled with colorful ...
33.95 USD
Muse is recommended for children ages 10 and up. Published nine times a year, each issue features articles on classical subjects like history, science, and the arts as well as modern topics like space ...
33.95 USD
Challenge bright young minds and spark their curiosity with ASK Magazine (Arts and Sciences for Kids). Each issue lets kids in 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grade explore the world along with great inventors, art ...
33.95 USD
Cricket is an award winning magazine for children ages 9-14. Each issue is ad-free and features high-quality stories and illustrations, cartoons, crossword puzzles, crafts, recipes, poetry, art, and p ...
33.95 USD
Cicada is a magazine for teenagers and young adults. It offers high-quality fiction and poetry dealing with the issues of growing up, leaving the joys and pains of childhood behind, and becoming an ad ...
33.95 USD
Appleseeds Magazine is the resource that primary teachers have long looked for. It's a theme-based publication for children in grades 2, 3 and 4, designed to enrich the learning experience for subject ...
33.95 USD
Cobblestone is the award-winning American history magazine for kids ages 9 to above (grades 4 and up). Future historian will enjoy reading about many events and places, such as Colonial Williamsburg t ...
33.95 USD
Ladybug helps children ages 2-6 learn to read. Each issue entices children with beautifully illustrated and easy to read stories, games to build memory and skills, songs, poems, and fun activities for ...
33.95 USD
Hopscotch for Girls
Hopscotch for Girls is a magazine for girls ages 6-12. Each issue includes stories, poems, projects, craft ideas, cooking tips, games, contests, and more. This magazine subscription is filled with fun ...
33.95 USD
Spider is a magazine for children ages 6-9. Each issue features pages after page of fun and beautifully illustrated stories, poems, folk tales, and activities for independent readers who are excited t ...
33.95 USD
Ireland Of The Welcomes
Ireland of the Welcomes is an award-winning magazine that showcases the best of Ireland�s history, scenery, culture, traditions and lifestyles to the world at large. First produced ...
33 USD
Tathaastu magazine is written to help you have a happier and healthier life. Nourish your mind, body and soul by helping you follow a more spiritual way of life and lead it with peace, harmony and dig ...
33 USD
Asimov Science Fiction
Features imaginative short stories, novelettes, and novellas. Also provides science fiction book reviews, editorials, and a monthly calendar of science fiction events.
32.99 USD
Analog Science Fiction and Fact
Delivers a blend of stories from science fiction authors, editorials, and scientific fact articles.
32.99 USD
Click is an award winning magazine for boys and girls ages 3-7. Each issue introduces children to science, art, nature, and the environment with fun activities, games, projects, photographs and illust ...
32.99 USD
Russian Life
Russian Life magazine takes to the land of infinite mystery and fascination six times a year with beautiful color feature articles and departments on everything from language and cuisine to travel and ...
32.99 USD
Dig is an archeological magazine for kids ages 9-14. Each issue explores ancient ruins, shipwrecks, historical sites, ancient recipes you can try at home, and comes with puzzles, games, and fun projec ...
32.97 USD
Faces helps children ages 9-14 explore the diverse cultures of our world. Each issue focuses on a different culture with stories about their daily lives, games, maps, photographs, folk tales, history, ...
32.97 USD
Calliope is the perfect world history magazine for kids. Specially written for kids ages 9 to 14, Calliope goes beyond the "facts" to explore provocative issues.
32.97 USD
Vette is the consummate guide for Corvette enthusiasts. You get detailed information on Corvettes of all ages. Additional features include engine and transmission buildups, brake and exhaust upgrades ...
32.95 USD
The Writer
Instructing and inspiring writers since 1887, The Writer is an indispensable magazine for both professional and aspiring writers. Each issue includes articles written by leading writers in all fields. ...
32.95 USD
The English Home
Elegant living in traditional English style.
32.75 USD
The English Garden
An English-style garden is, arguably, the quintessential ideal of every serious gardener. THE ENGLISH GARDEN magazine, quite simply, the only magazine devoted to this idyllic gardening tradition.
32.75 USD
Informative, well-written articles combine with fine color pictures to create a fitting celebration of the French experience. Acclaimed by the French tourist board, French-language teachers and all wh ...
32.75 USD
Foreign Affairs
Foreign Affairs magazine is the leading forum for serious discussion of American foreign policy and international affairs. Foreign Affairs magazine is published by the Council of Foreign Relations, a ...
32 USD
The Pastel Journal
THE PASTEL JOURNAL is the only national magazine devoted entirely to the medium of pastel. Addressing the working professional as well as the passionate amateur, THE PASTEL JOURNAL offers both inspira ...
32 USD
Club International
Club International is UK-based men's magazine and is the sister publication of American magazine Club. Founded in 1972, the monthly publication depicts softcore pornagraphy. Long-running features in C ...
31.99 USD
Threads will inspire your next sewing project. Each issue features easy to follow projects that show you how to make beautiful garments and home decorations. Special features include stunning fabrics, ...
31.99 USD
Southwest Art
Southwest Art Magazine is a must for any collector. Each issue celebrates the beauty of American West art in full-color with articles on hot local artists, popular art communities, great deals, the ne ...
31.99 USD
Juxtapoz Magazine is a new art magazine for a new art movement! The unique publication attempts to fuse the lurid edges of consciousness, avant consumerism, and the international art community, and ha ...
30 USD
Golfweek is a journal of record for competitive golf. Coverage includes PGA, LPGA, Senior PGA & PGA European Tours mini tours, amateur and collegiate tournaments business and options
30 USD
30 USD
Hawkeye Nation
Hawkeye Nation Magazine provides comprehensive "insider" coverage of all Iowa sports - with a focus on football, basketball and recruiting. Get in-depth stories and features on your favorite ...
29.99 USD
Swap Meet
Every issue of Swap Meet details how you can locate the latest and hottest wholesale products and supplies for your business.
29.99 USD
Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery
Contains a mix of mystery and suspense. The magazine seeks and develops the newest talent in the mystery field, and has published the work of mystery writers.
29.99 USD
USA Crosswords Jumbo
110 Challenenging puzzles with interesting and sparkling clues.
29.99 USD
Ultimate Comics X-Men
Ultimate Comics X-Men is the X-Men in the Ultimate Universe! Living in a world where mutants are hated and feared more than ever, one group of young heroes has banded together to fight back.
29.99 USD
Secret Avengers
For fans that need a little extra Avengers action in their lives, Secret Avengers is the perfect choice! Part classic superhero team, part covert task force - Secret Avengers has all the high stakes a ...
29.99 USD
Avengers Assemble
And then there came a day, a day unlike any other, when Earth's mightiest heroes found themselves united against a common threat. On that day the Avengers were born, to fight the foes no single super ...
29.99 USD
Train Hard Fight Easy
Train Hard Fight Easy
29.99 USD
Deadpool features Wade Wilson, the Merc with a Mouth, in his own monthly series.
29.99 USD
Uncanny X-Force
Wolverine promised Cyclops that X-Force would disband -- he lied. Wolverine, Archangel, Fantomex, Deadpool and Psylocke form the Uncanny X-Force!
29.99 USD
From the sensual to the exotic, Penthouse Variations presents the erotic tales of real-life couples, featuring red-hot stories, exciting reader letters and revealing interviews.
29.99 USD
Marvel Universe Avengers Earths Mightiest Heroes
Face front action fans - it's here! All-new Marvel Universe: Avengers, Earth's Mightiest Heroes is aimed at readers of all ages who like action, live for danger and love heroes. The Marvel TV animated ...
29.99 USD
Ellery Queen's Mystery
Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine brings you the best in short mystery fiction. Readers will enjoy every kind of mystery short story: the psychological suspense tale, the deductive puzzle, the private e ...
29.99 USD
Strings is written by and for players and instructors of bow-stringed instruments. Each issue contains interviews and is filled with old and new music to play.
29.99 USD
Fighters Only
The world's leading Mixed Martial Arts and lifestyle magazine is dedicated to covering all aspects of the growing sport of Mixed Martial Arts, including fighters' lifestyles, training techniques and r ...
29.99 USD
CoDe : Component Developer Magazine is the answer for your software development information needs. You'll find in-depth explanations of the latest Microsoft technologies, as well as loads of practical ...
29.99 USD
Fish Alaska
Fish Alaska magazine is filled with useful, accurate information on destinations, species, and how-to's, Fish Alaska covers the entire state from Prince of Wales to Kotzebue, rainbow trout to king sal ...
29.99 USD
Wolverine And X-Men
If you were born different, with mutant super-powers, the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning is the school for you. Founded by Wolverine and staffed by experienced X-Men, here you will learn everyth ...
29.99 USD
Numismatic News
Numismatic News is renowned as the complete information source for coin collectors. Each weekly issue of Numismatic News features detailed articles about coin collecting, schedules of upcoming events, ...
29.99 USD
Muscle Mustangs & Fast Fords
Superchargers, nitrous oxide systems and after market parts and accessories are presented in Muscle Mustangs and Fast Fords through comprehensive tech articles. You also get the latest industry news a ...
29.97 USD
Chickadee is a lively hands-on magazine that helps children look more closely at their surroundings. Filled with puzzles, simple experiments, games, animal features and fiction.
29.97 USD
Especially for preschoolers and beginning readers, Chirp uses simple text, engaging artwork, and age appropriate games, puzzles and crafts to delight parents and children alike.
29.97 USD
Time Out New York
Time Out New York magazine provides an ideal way to stay up-to-date with current happenings in New York City. The magazine delivers new information to audiences weekly, helping you stay ahead of trend ...
29.97 USD
Mopar Muscle
Covers all aspects of interest to Chrysler-oriented performance enthusiasts.
29.97 USD
HOW magazine's goal is to help designers, whether they work for a design firm, for an in-house design department or for themselves, run successful, creative, profitable studios. HOW strives to serve t ...
29.96 USD
New Beauty is the first publication devoted exclusively to providing a comprehensive guide to the latest advances in plastic surgery, dermatology and cosmetic dentistry, as well as revealing the best ...
29.95 USD
Autism Health & Wellness
The most comprehensive resource for the latest in special needs advocacy and educational advancements. Also contains special needs financial advice, gluten free recipes, book reviews and more.
29.95 USD
Wine Enthusiast
Wine Enthusiast Magazine is edited with the wine consumer in mind. Each issue of Wine Enthusiast emphasizes all the pleasures of the good life by focusing on travel, fine dining, as well as the best o ...
29.95 USD
The Magazine Antiques
The Magazine Antiques, with an eminent presence on both the national and international levels, follows events, shows, fairs and auctions to present news and highlights on an all periods of civilizatio ...
29.95 USD
Bloomberg Markets
Bloomberg Markets magazine brings you the inside view of professional investing. With unparalleled access to the most influential people in global business and finance, Bloomberg Markets magazine tell ...
29.95 USD
Enjoy the dream, explore the legend and experience the reality. Covering all aspects of contemporary Scottish life, as well as the wonders of Scotland's heritage, you will be amongst the first to disc ...
29.95 USD
Sky & Telescope
Sky & Telescope has been the complete resource for amateur astronomers for over 60 years. It provides readers with information on observing the sky, offering reviews and buyer's guide information ...
29.95 USD
Gray's Sporting Journal
Gray's Sporting Journal more than just a publication. It's an experience. Gray's has a reputation as an exhilarating, compelling and beautiful publication. More than just a how-to hunting and fishing ...
29.95 USD
Jewelry Artist
Jewelry Artist is a beautiful magazine that focuses on metallic jewelry art and design. This magazine subscription draws its material from the best jewelry makers to inspire you. Each issue combines g ...
29.95 USD
Dupont Registry of Fine Homes
Dupont Registry of Fine Homes Magazine contains over 150 full color pages of million dollar residential real estate offered for sale. In addition, Dupont Registry of Fine Homes features hundreds of de ...
29.95 USD
Fine Gardening
Fine Gardening offers hands-on advice from America's best gardeners. Because articles are written by expert gardeners, Fine Gardening stands alone in providing in-depth coverage of great garden plants ...
29.95 USD
Quilting Arts
Quilting Arts covers the latest techniques in art and embellished quilting, wearable arts, mixed media, surface design, and other textile arts. Features guest artists and teachers, and addresses a wi ...
29.95 USD
Beckett Hockey
Beckett Hockey Collector covers the most celebrated hockey stars, their cards and memorabilia with insightful articles and fantastic photography. It covers pricing of hockey memorabilia and informativ ...
29.95 USD
Penthouse Variations
From the sensual to the exotic, Penthouse Variations presents the erotic tales of real-life couples, featuring red-hot stories, exciting reader letters and revealing interviews.
29.95 USD
Current World Archaeology
The magazine will cover the whole world, from the first emergence of man down to the present day. In particular it will look at the origins of our own civilization, at Egypt, the Ancient Near East and ...
29.95 USD
Fine Cooking
Fine Cooking Magazine is a magazine for people who are passionate about and enjoy the pleasures of cooking. Edited for all cooking levels, Fine Cooking includes features on the hows and whys of cookin ...
29.95 USD
Beckett Football
Beckett Football Card Monthly provides positive, in-depth coverage of the emerging and established superstars in professional football. Editorial content emphasizes photo-intensive feature articles on ...
29.95 USD
Model Airplane News
Model Airplane News is written for enthusiasts who truly enjoy the sport R/C model airplanes. Published since 1929, the monthly magazine includes features on construction and design, how-to techniques ...
29.95 USD
Nursing Management
Nursing Management, The Journal of Excellence in Nursing Leadership, is the primary source of practical, cutting-edge information for nurse managers who lead nurses across the continuum of care.
29.95 USD
Cloth Paper Scissors
Cloth Paper Scissors covers many types of fiber arts and collage work, including mixed media, assemblage, altered books, art dolls, visual art journals, rubber stamping, creative embroidery, and book ...
29.95 USD
Florida Trend
Florida Trend is Florida's leading small business magazine. Each issue discusses the latest issues and trends and their impact on business in Florida. This magazine subscription is written by leading ...
29.95 USD
Penthouse Forum
Penthouse Forum Magazine - provocative and sexually explicit articles, interviews and advice from experts and readers. (All models are atleast 18 years of age.)
29.95 USD
Autism Spectrum Quarterly
Each issue of Autism Spectrum Quarterly features a line of research and commentary aimed at helping parents, teachers, and clinicians to translate research into practice. It also features articles by, ...
29.95 USD
Home Shop Machinist
Drawings and articles for the machinist at home or work.
29.95 USD
The official magazine of the British Tourist Authority.
29.95 USD
Biblical Archaeology Review
Biblical Archaeology Review (BAR) unearths the archaeological world of the Old and New Testament. Enhance your Biblical knowledge with the latest discoveries and controversies in archaeology, breathta ...
29.7 USD
Consumer Reports
Consumer Reports is renowned for its unbiased testing and product reviews. Each issue features reviews of cars, appliances, electronics, health, finance, product recalls and more. This magazine subscr ...
29 USD
Blue Ribbon Sudoku Collection
210 Sudoku puzzles covering all levels of difficulty. The toughest thing about these puzzles is putting them down.
29 USD
Consumer Reports Money Advisor
Consumer Reports Money Adviser is an unbiased financial magazine. Each issue features tips and strategies to help you maximize your returns, protect your financial interests, and make financial decisi ...
28.99 USD
Paintworks is a magazine for painters of any skill level. Each issue features full-color illustrations, inspirational articles covering all types of media, styles, and periods. Special features includ ...
28.99 USD
Special Weapons For Military & Police
Special Weapons for Military & Police magazine is a bi-monthly periodical that features articles about both the exotic and the ordinary weapons of military and police. Recent issues have profiled ...
28.97 USD
Disney Fairies
With a little pinch of fairy dust, any girl will be ready to fly into the secret world of Pixie Hollow. They magazine includes comics, friendship stories, and a nature section dedicated to flowers and ...
28.97 USD
Sesame Street
Join Elmo, Cookie Monster, Big Bird and all of the other Muppets in the new Sesame Street magazine! Each issue of Sesame Street is full of stories, activities, games, science fun, a workbook, collecti ...
28.97 USD
Combat Handguns
Combat Handguns provides the newest equipment, shooting techniques, and essential information for self-defense/personal protection in each and every issue.
28.97 USD
Disney Junior
Disney Junior features magical storytelling and playful activities from favorite Disney Junior characters. It encourages preschoolers imagination and learning through stories, play activities and fun ...
28.97 USD
Strawberry Shortcake
Join Strawberry Shortcake and all her friends in her super, fun-filled magazine. Each issue is packed with stories, puzzles, games and educational activities that are designed to encourage the skills ...
28.97 USD
Phineas & Ferb
From Disney's popular cartoon Phineas & Ferb series comes their newest magazine with all the same action from the TV show!
28.97 USD
Guns & Weapons For Law Enforcement
Provides information on weapons which are being actively used in the field of Law Enforcement. Also includes reviews of items which will become available to those in law enforcement in the future.
28.97 USD
Fun To Learn Friends
FUN TO LEARN FRIENDS Magazine is for ages 3 to 8. Join your favorite friends, Wow! Wow! Wubbzy!, Scooby-Doo, Clifford, Curious George, and others in this fun-filled children’s magazine. Each is ...
28.97 USD
Disney Princess
Disney's Princess is a bi-monthly Fun to Learn magazine for girls ages 4-9. Each issue is filled with magical stories, fun projects, games, activities, and more. This magazine subscription is narrated ...
28.97 USD
Thomas & Friends
Thomas & Friends is a Fun to Learn bi-monthly magazine for children 2-7. Each issue is filled with stories your children will love, a collectible poster you can hang on your wall, and a pull out w ...
28.97 USD
Join Scooby and all his friends for great learning fun. Each issue contains stories, a collectible poster and a workbook full of fun educational activities designed to encourage and reinforce the skil ...
28.97 USD
Written from a North American perspective, this magazine provides broad overviews and detailed examinations of the past. Features informative and insightful articles and stories on exploration, innova ...
28.95 USD
Superb Word Find Bonus
A grand total of 123 Word-Finds, including Word Twists, Angle-Finds, and more Word Squares. Published every 3 weeks, subscribers will receive 12 issues per year.
28.3 USD
Penthouse Letters
Penthouse Letters is the magazine where folks write about their true life experiences and fantasies for advice, for titillation and for shock value. (All models are atleast 18 years of age.)
28 USD
KoreAm Journal
KoreAm Journal's mission is to be a publication that provides depth and insight into the envolving Korean American experience.
28 USD
Flow magazine is designed for practicing glass crafters and artists. Each issue includes product reviews, in-depth articles into creating works of art out of glass, industry news, and important safety ...
27.99 USD
Professional Mariner
Professional Mariner Magazine provides the mosr authoritative information on the commercial and military vessels that sail North America's oceans, coastal waters, inland rivers and lakes.
27.99 USD
Challenges kids 9-13 with articles on science, technology & the natural world.
27.99 USD
Dell Horoscope
Dell Horoscope Magazine helps answers the age old question: 'What's your sign?' Find out what the stars and planets have in store for you in each entertaining issue of Dell Horoscope! You'll get daily ...
27.99 USD
Penthouse has been reinvented as the world's premier Men's lifestyle magazine featuring exclusive interviews, sports, cars, audio, video, men's fashions, politics and some of the best writing anywhere ...
27.99 USD
International Figure Skating
International Figure Skating is a magazine dedicated to the world of competitive figure skating, and brings you the latest news and personalities behind the sport. Features on the Olympics and other c ...
27.97 USD
Casino Player
Casino Player contains easy-to-read articles on every type of gaming strategy written by recognized experts. Every issue is packed with in-depth reviews of casino entertainment, restaurants and hotel ...
27.95 USD
Network Marketing Business Journal
Oldest and largest publication for direct sales/multilevel offering the best education and informational articles in the industry. Learn about timely legal issues and industry news. Receive valuable t ...
27.95 USD
Family Chronicle
Contains articles of interest to individuals researching their roots.
27.95 USD
Radio Control Car Action
Radio Control Car Action is a magazine dedicated to RC car enthusiasts. Each issue features articles and columns filled with technical information on building RC cars, gas and electric engines, car mo ...
27.95 USD
Sports Spectrum
Sports Spectrum magazine seeks to highlight Christian athletes of all sports and levels to help motivate, encourage and inspire people in their faith through the exciting and challenging world of spor ...
27.52 USD
Marvel Adventures Spider-Man
The perfect line to introduce new readers to the Marvel Universe, Marvel Adventures books harken back to the classic tales of the Marvel Universe. If you love the Spider-Man movies or need a dose of t ...
27 USD
Village D-Lights
Village D-Lights is designed for Department 56 Village enthusiasts.
27 USD
Red Raider Sports
Red Raider Sports Magazine offers all the inside info on the Red Raiders of Texas Tech University. Includes in-depth Recruiting Coverage!
27 USD
Marvel Adventures Super Heroes
This book is ideal for movie fans and readers of all ages looking for their beloved characters showcased under one title. Marvel Adventures Super Heroes is loaded with the best team-ups around featuri ...
27 USD
Hype Hair
Hype Hair Magazine is the quintessential hair care and beauty magazine for African-American women. Get inspired by straightened hair looks to naturally curly manes to funky cornrows. Don't miss the mo ...
26.99 USD
Doll Reader
Doll Reader Magazine is the leading magazine for both novice and advanced collectors. Doll Reader provides information on antique, modern dolls and collectibles. Each issue features articles about Art ...
26.99 USD
Games Magazine celebrates the world of games, puzzles, and human ingenuity. Each issue includes dozens of crosswords and other challenging, innovative word and logic puzzles, plus reviews of new board ...
26.99 USD
Tactical Weapons
Tactical Weapons is the exciting bi-monthly publication that is much more than a gun-test driven magazine. Each issue covers the new guns and weapons of our military and law enforcement specialists an ...
26.97 USD
Foreign Policy
Foreign Policy Magazine is the award-winning magazine that explains how globalization is changing the way the world works and how its changing traditional institutions, political and cultural structur ...
26.97 USD
Resource serving youth ministry, with ideas for Bible studies, growth activities, and big-picture strategies.
26.95 USD
BirdWatching magazine (formerly Birder's World magazine) is a must-read for bird lovers. Each issue of BirdWatching magazine features expert-written articles and superb photography, plus supplies info ...
26.95 USD
Machinist's Workshop
Contains complete plans listing valuable tools and accessories for preparing the home metalworker for challenging projects.
26.95 USD
Air & Space
This magazine's editorial emphasis celebrates the human fascination with and increasing dependence on the sky. It explores the ways flight continues to change the world and features the people, places ...
26 USD
Kansas City Home & Gardens
Kansas City Home & Gardens magazine is a lifestyle magazine for Kansas City residents. Articles in Kansas City Homes & Gardens magazine include home design and real estate, arts and entertainm ...
26 USD
Smithsonian Air & Space
The history, culture and technology of flight.
26 USD
Diverse Issues In Higher Education
The only magazine that consistently provides timely and quality coverage of relevant educational issues. Diverse Issues in Higher Education is an independent resource for everyone who is concerned abo ...
26 USD
Spin Off
Spin-Off magazine features articles about the ancient and thriving craft of spinning and projects showing all the wonderful things you can make with handspun yarn. Be inspired by the work of dedicated ...
26 USD
Ocean Navigator
Written for the advanced sailor, Ocean Navigator Magazine focuses on offshore sailing, with features on yachts and their equipment, techniques for offshore sailing, weather, ocean current strategy, ex ...
25.99 USD
World Coin News
World of Coins is among the leading authorities on the international coin market. Reports on market trends, new issues, and features articles written by top experts in the field who provide detailed, ...
25.99 USD
Kids Discover
Dedicated to helping children aged 6 to 12 become lifelong learners, each issue investigates a single high-interest topic in science or social studies. The combination of dramatic color photograph ...
25.99 USD
Jet Magazine is an old favorite with the African American community, focusing on news and features such as Black History and contemporary issues. Jet Magazine covers topics such as current events, bus ...
25.99 USD
Family Tree
Family Tree Magazine is the world's best resource for discovering, preserving and celebrating family history. This magazine covers all the areas of potential interest to family-history enthusiasts, re ...
25.99 USD
From the publishers of Zoobooks and Zootles, Zoobies is full of animal stories, photos, and puzzles for little ones! You will find it is written specifically to introduce infants and toddlers to the w ...
25.95 USD
Chesapeake Bay
With 8,000 miles of tidal shoreline, the Chesapeake Bay is the largest productive estuary in the world & Chesapeake Bay Magazine brings its readers all the excitement & beauty of this natura ...
25.95 USD
Contains kosher food updates for the kosher consumer, food service industry, kosher trade and vegetarians.
25 USD
Handwoven is a weaver's constant companion. Each issue offers a stunning collection of enticing projects. It's a textile travelogue, pattern book and weave structure textbook. It's a place to discover ...
25 USD
Children's Ministry
Children's Ministry magazine is written for people who work with children in Christian churches. Each issue of Children's Ministry magazine features lesson ideas, crafts, devotions, games and other te ...
25 USD
Cultural Survival Quarterly
Cultural Survival Quarterly brings you inside indigenous cultures around the world, sharing their ways of life, their spirituality, their celebrations, and their challenges, all with stunning photogra ...
25 USD
Interweave Knits
Issues feature original designer patterns for garments and home decor, ranging from super-simple to challenging and from traditional to cutting edge, plus revealing designer profiles, enlightening exp ...
25 USD
Supergirl is DC Comic s teenage super heroine who is the distant cousin to Superman.
24.99 USD
BRIGHTEST DAY continues with a shocking connection to the White Light as Captain Boomerang and the Reverse-Flash experience a bizarre event that ties them together. Meanwhile, it's the Rogues vs. the ...
24.99 USD
Green Lantern Corps
From the Guardians' citadel on the newly fortified planet Oa, Green Lantern Guy Gardner is assigned - against his will - to a feudal world of shadows and sudden death. And across the galaxy, new Lante ...
24.99 USD
Against the Current
This magazine focuses on movements for social and economic change with special emphasis on labor, feminism, environmental justice and peace. Against the Current is a bi-monthly analytical journal, and ...
24.99 USD
Batman: The Dark Knight
Delving into the more supernatural and esoteric areas of Gotham City, the 6-part storyline explores the horrific murder of one of Bruce Wayne's childhood friends and the terrible ramifications the bru ...
24.99 USD
One of the original DC Comic superheroes, Superman is a classic and one of the most famous protectors of the human race.
24.99 USD
Teen Titans
Teen Titans is the DC Comic adventures of several teenage superheroes.
24.99 USD
Green Arrow
Witness the power of the BRIGHTEST DAY as death comes to Green Arrow's forest. Is the Emerald Archer worthy of living in the sacred grove? Who else is in there? Will he be Green Arrow's assassin or sa ...
24.99 USD
Sparkle World
Sparkle World is a magazine for girls ages 3 and up. This magazine subscription features Care Bears, Strawberry Shortcake, Angelina Ballerina, and more as they open a world of excitement and learning ...
24.99 USD
Auto Roundup
Auto Roundup is the magazine for collectible cars. Whether you are looking at buying, selling, or remodeling a classic car this magazine subscription has everything you need. Each issue features class ...
24.99 USD
Louisiana Cookin
Louisiana Cookin', a bimonthly magazine now in its fifth year, is dedicated to presenting the best of the state's cuisine to an ever-increasing audience. Issues are packed with recipes for luscious di ...
24.99 USD
Batman & Robin
Dick Grayson and Damian Wayne enter the ultimate, blood-soaked battle against two foes who almost destroyed the original Batman. Are the new Dynamic Duo up to this final confrontation with absolute ev ...
24.99 USD
Wonder Woman
Amazon Princess Diana battles evil as the superheroic Wonder Woman.
24.99 USD
Adoptive Families
Adoptive Families Magazine is the nation's leading adoption based magazine, and features reliable, independent, practical information on how to adopt and raise healthy, happy children.
24.99 USD
Disney and Me
Disney and Me is an easy-learning bi-monthly magazine for children ages 2-6. Each issue has 32 pages of stories, drawing activities, educational games, pictures to color, and more. This magazine subsc ...
24.99 USD
Natural History
Articles deal with conservation, the natural world, wildlife, foreign lands & people, urban problems and astronomy.
24.99 USD
A DC Comics comic book features Dick Grayson, the original Robin, in his current identity as Nightwing.
24.99 USD
Green Lantern
The Green Lantern fights crime with his power ring and super human willpower in this DC Comic series.
24.99 USD
Meet Catwoman. She's addicted to the night, to shiny objects, and to Batman. Most of all, Catwoman is addicted to danger. She can't help herself and the truth is, she doesn't want to. She's good at be ...
24.99 USD
Barbara Gordon is back as Batgirl and she's going to have to face the city's most horrifying new villains as well as the dark secrets from her past.
24.99 USD
Adirondack Life
Adirondack Life Magazine covers everything about the nature lovers paradise that is Northern New York State: the landscape, history, outdoor recreation, music, and culture of a breathtakingly beautifu ...
24.99 USD
Antique Trader Weekly
Antique Trader Weekly is the trading guide for serious antique traders. Each weekly issue is filled with thousands of classified ads in 75 categories and includes special articles on collecting, barga ...
24.98 USD
Sew Beautiful
A magazine of heirloom sewing and smocking.
24.98 USD
Military Vehicles
From HMMWVs and tanks to parts, tools and accessories, the monthly Military Vehicles Magazine is the world's largest marketplace for military vehicle enthusiasts.
24.98 USD
Banknote Reporter
Recognized as the finest publication for paper money collectors available. Contains news on market values, "Bank Note Clinic" (a collector Q&A), an up-to-date foreign exchange chart, &qu ...
24.98 USD
Antique Trader
Antique Trader Weekly is the largest antiques & collectibles marketplace publication in the U.S. Considered the bible by collectors for 40 years, features over 2,000 advertisements each week pl ...
24.98 USD
Mustang Monthly
Covers all there is to know and see about vintage to late-model Mustangs.
24.97 USD
Decorating Digest - Craft & Home Projects
Get caught up in a continuous stream of creative ideas with Craft & Home Projects Magazine. Each issue is filled with pages of cost-conscious, quick and easy, holiday/seasonal, home decor and gift ...
24.97 USD
Sports Afield
Covers high-end hunting, especially big game & upland bird hunting in North America & Africa.
24.97 USD
Scientific American
Scientific American is a surprising, dynamic magazine in which working scientists and Nobel laureates present the remarkable things they do. Every monthly issue reports vital work being carried out in ...
24.97 USD
Unique Homes
A showcase for luxury real estate currently available in the U.S. and abroad. Editorial focuses on various real estate markets and their trends. Also covers investments and interior design.
24.97 USD
Arts & Activities
Arts & Activities is THE resource for teaching creative arts. Each issue is packed with hands on art activities kids will love. Special focus is given to teaching new skills, providing useful informat ...
24.95 USD
Strictly Slots
Strictly Slots Magazine is the nation's first publication written exclusively for Slot and Video Poker players. Each issue details and rates every new slot and video poker machine, and also suggests s ...
24.95 USD
Hunting Illustrated
Each issue is packed full of informative reading about hunting in the West. Format is full of full-color spreads of awesome bucks and bulls. Editorial staff is comprised of some of the best the West h ...
24.95 USD
Street Trucks
Street Trucks covers the world of modern hot rod trucks. Each issue includes photographs, technical columns, product reviews, renovation tips, industry news, and regular columnists.
24.95 USD
Aquaman is the Famous comic strip for more than 65 years. It was co-created by Mort Weisinger Paul Norris in 1941.
24.95 USD
Northwest Fly Fishing
Northwest Fly Fishing is the magazine of choice for fly anglers who live or fish in the Pacific Northwest. The area of coverage includes: California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Weste ...
24.95 USD
Nuts & Volts
Nuts and Volts Magazine is published for the electronics hobbyist interested in amateur robotics, home automation, CNC, lasers, amateur radio, computer control and data acquisition. It features all th ...
24.95 USD
Mountain Living
Mountain Living is the only magazine with inspiration and ideas for people who live in the mountains, people who vacation in the mountains, people who own second homes in the mountains, or people who ...
24.95 USD
American Cop
American Cop magazine is a hard-hitting, credible, timely, gun-savvy magazine that REAL cops identify with and look forward to. American Cop magazine offers solutions to real world problems - the prob ...
24.95 USD
Mobile Beat: The DJ
Magazine dedicated to the specialized interests of working mobile entertainers. Addresses the needs of the profession in a tight and timely fashion by covering reviews of new equipment and music, tip ...
24.95 USD
Street Rodder
Street Rodder is the leading magazine dedicated to automobiles built before 1949. Each issue includes in-depth articles chronicling the history and technical specs of classic cars, and reviews of the ...
24.95 USD
Covers all aspects of the design world from interiors and architecture to urban planning and preservation. Analyzes design, explores the creative process, and engages the reader through its stimulatin ...
24.95 USD
Brew Your Own
Brew your Own is the leading magazine for people who want to brew their own beer at home. It covers the entire hobby with simple, how to tips to more advanced technical articles on brewing fine beer ...
24.95 USD
Romantic Homes
Covers Victorian-style home decoration. Presents homes, accessories, table settings, gardens, and traditional decorating.
24.95 USD
Signature Kitchens & Baths
Professional advice on decorating your kitchens and baths. Whether it be a remodel job or new construction, everything you need to know to get the job done. Features new and innovative products.
24.95 USD
Guy Harvey
With Guy Harvey magazine, you'll enjoy the incredible fishing, boating, and marine related photos and articles by the world's top pros, including Guy Harvey himself. Also, part of your subscription fe ...
24.95 USD
Technology Review
Published by MIT since 1899, Technology Review is the authority on the future of technology. Each issue provides unparalleled insights on the cutting edge technologies that are changing the world and ...
24.95 USD
Acoustic Guitar
Acoustic Guitar is a magazine for players of various kinds of acoustic guitar music -- folk, country, jazz, classical, bluegrass, flamenco, and so on. Each issue contains a mix of instructional articl ...
24.95 USD
Woodcarving Illustrated
Woodcarving Illustrated magazine promotes woodcarving as a pleasurable pastime and recognized art form. Our contributors, today s leading carvers and instructors, are committed to sharing their knowle ...
24.95 USD
The custom trucks enthusiasts bible. Pictorials, how-to's, product reviews and more.
24.95 USD
Black Men
A lifestyle publication for today's African American male. Each issue includes interesting profiles of leaders in the African-American community, features and editorials from the top African-America ...
24.95 USD
Books & Culture
Books & Culture presents reviews and evangelical analysis of the books, trends, film, and ideas that shape our society. Some of the best-known authors of our time dig deeply into current issues ...
24.95 USD
Christianity Today
Christianity Today features world news and news of the Church in the world, all with an evangelical Christian perspective. Award-winning news reporting, thought-provoking editorials, and insightful fe ...
24.95 USD
Since 1955, sportsmen and enthusiasts have turned to Guns Magazine for the latest news on firearms, training, hunting, accessories and more. In the field or on the range, you'll find the information y ...
24.95 USD
Cook's Illustrated
Cook's Illustrated Magazine is the home-cooking companion for every aspiring chef! Cook's Illustrated is packed with the "best" receipes, how-to guides, equipment reviews, taste tests and mu ...
24.95 USD
Zoobooks is the kid's magazine for animal lovers. This magazine subscription brings the excitement of the zoo right into your home. Each issue features breath-taking photography,fascinating articles, ...
24.95 USD
Men's Health
A lifestyle magazine dedicated to showing men the practical and positive actions that make their lives better, with articles covering fitness, relationships, nutrition, careers, grooming, travel and h ...
24.94 USD
Greenwich magazine serves the town of Greenwich, CT and neighboring communities. Greenwich magazine covers civic, social, cultural, business and political events in the lower Fairfield County area, an ...
24 USD
Hair's How
HAIR'S HOW is the award-winning top quality hair and beauty magazine that has been well received and highly appreciated by millions all over the world. Born in Europe 12 years ago, the magazine has be ...
24 USD
Arts & Crafts Homes
Our mission is to offer expert advice and perspective for those building, renovating, or furnishing a home in the Arts and Crafts spirit. Offering hundreds of resources, we showcase the work not only ...
24 USD
Farm Collector
Farm Collector is a monthly magazine focusing on antique tractors and all kinds of antique farm equipment, including windmills, cream separators, hog oilers, horse-drawn equipment, and farm toys. Issu ...
24 USD
Covers the technical, business and management aspects of the nail-care industry, with emphasis on how to effectively build a nail salon business.
24 USD
Girls, Girls, Girls
A subscription of two issues of girls in lingerie and swimsuits.  Contains interviews with actors, producers and movie scenes.
24 USD
Indianapolis Monthly
Indianapolis Monthly is a comprehensive city magazine dedicated to the vital details of living in Indianapolis. Features include dining directories, shopping guides, style trends, politics, and real e ...
24 USD
Boy's Life
The magazine for boys ages 9 to 17, Boys' Life Magazine is an entertaining purchase for any young reader. Each issue focuses on a different theme, ranging from scouting, sports, and racing, to travel, ...
24 USD
Arizona Highways
Arizona Highways is for people who enjoy and are inspired by Arizona's unique outdoor experience, rich history, and diverse culture. Subscriber benefits include: no outside ads, a large, 9" x 12& ...
24 USD
Design Bureau
Design Bureau magazine delivers an honest and inspirational global dialogue on design from diverse disciplines and points of view. Design Bureau gathers creative professionals, style arbiters, and ind ...
24 USD
Gallery is a men's magazine best known for showcasing the hottest and sexiest ladies in the porn industry. From renowned adult models and stars to amateur "girls next door," Gallery features ...
23.99 USD
Features news on the arts, entertainment, music and lifestyles of the West Coast.
23.99 USD
I Love Cats
I Love Cats Magazine is the cat's meow. This magazine subscription will help your cat live longer, happier, and healthier with each feature packed issue. Articles covering proper nutrition, advice fro ...
23.99 USD
Erotic fiction, exciting features, revealing interviews & hot covers featuring some of the world's most beautiful women. (All models are atleast 18 years of age.)
23.99 USD
The Atlantic
Founded in 1857, The Atlantic is one of America's great thought leader magazines. It features ground-breaking articles on politics, social trends, education, literature and arts. Famous for its exc ...
23.99 USD
Architectural Digest
Architectural Digest explores the homes of talented designers and architects. Each issue is filled with full-color photographs that highlight inspirational aspects of their homes, has in-depth intervi ...
23.99 USD
Detective Comics
The Batman continues his adventues in the title where he made his first appearance in 1939. It is also the longest continually published comic books in the United States.
23.99 USD
Quick & Easy Crochet
Quick & Easy Crochet was created for people who love to crochet or would like to learn how. Each issue is filled with easy to follow patterns, inspirational design tips, and advice from crocheting ...
23.99 USD
Cookbook Digest
We take the mystery out of buying new cookbooks. Honest reviews by our professional staff to help you choose new cookbooks before you buy them. Selected recipes from each book reviewed are included.
23.99 USD
Gun World
Gun World Magazine is devoted to shooting, hunting, classic firearms, reloading, gunsmithing, and accessories. Each issue of Gun World includes how-to articles, product and component evaluations, as w ...
23.99 USD
23.99 USD
Consumer Reports On Health
100% unbiased monthly health newsletter.(No advertising. No commercial ties.) Easy-to-read, carefully researched facts and advice on nutrition, fitness, medication, ailments, illnesses, and medica ...
23.99 USD
Batman was one of the early Super Hero comics of it's time. Along with Superman it led the way, and shaped the comic universe as we know it today. The pages of Batman has contained some of the greates ...
23.99 USD
Just 18
Just 18 is an adult magazine targeted for Men who enjoy girls around the age of 18.
23.99 USD
Catholic Digest
America's best source of hope and inspiration for more than 2.5 million readers! Enjoy timely, thought-provoking articles, inspiring human interest stories and wholesome family entertainment - through ...
23.99 USD
Down East
Down East is a regional magazine for all those interested in the great state of Maine and includes profiles of Maine people and places of interest. A favorite of residents as well as those considering ...
23.99 USD
Club Confidential
Club Confidential is one of today's most high-quality men's magazines. Each issue of this monthly publication features informative and provocative sexually-oriented articles, trustworthy video reviews ...
23.99 USD
Tactical Knives
Tactical Knives magazine is written for people who carry and use knives. Each issue of Tactical Knives magazine covers and reviews knives for hunting, hiking, canoeing, wilderness survival, street def ...
23.97 USD
The ultimate hands-on guide to everything Macintosh. Its mission is to provide the reader with the most comprehensive range of information possible, from upgrading to troubleshooting to customizing ...
23.97 USD
Fishing Facts
For over 35 years Fishing Facts has been know as the publication that taught us how to fish - filled with the latest and proven fishing tips and techniques. Every article is written by one of the top ...
23.95 USD
American Artist: Drawing
Launched in 2003, Drawing provides working artist with information and inspiration regarding the foundation of art: drawing. Regardless of the medium, most every endeavor begins with a sketch. Finally ...
23.95 USD
Leben Magazine celebrates the dramatic history of the founding and growth of evangelical Protestantism from the Reformation until today. Christian history, biography, of special interest to Reformed, ...
23.8 USD
A teaching magazine that offers inspiration to all quilters as well as gorgeous photographs.
23.7 USD
Seeing The Everyday
Seeing the Everyday introduces an advertisement-free magazine dedicated to revealing the effect and importance of the seemingly small moments of life. True articles unveil how our ordinary, daily exch ...
23.5 USD
Casual Living
Casual Living is the voice of the leisure marketplace, bringing you the most current retailing trends and product lines in casual/outdoor furniture and accessories.
23 USD
Created for children 2-6 years old. Each issue includes a featured animal, number, and phoneme sound. Counting and sound recognition games are built in to the content, along with read aloud storie ...
22.99 USD
Skin & Ink
The ultimate tattoo magazine showing the best designs and techniques with lasting quality.
22.99 USD
Coins is a magazine for coin collectors. Each issue has a full-color exploration of coin history, pricing guides for coin and paper money, and industry news. Special features of this magazine subscrip ...
22.98 USD
Provides knifemakers, collectors and knife enthusiasts with information concerning new knife-making techniques and processes, field tests and the latest news about knives. The magazine also includes a ...
22.98 USD
Just Cross Stitch
America's premiere cross-stitch magazine, serves up fun cross-stitch projects in all shapes, sizes, and skill levels. Step-by Step projections in every issue!
22.98 USD
ABC Soaps in Depth
ABC Soaps in Depth provides you with in-depth coverage of only the ABC soaps. Get the inside scoop on all the romance, drama, and deceit that only ABC Soaps can bring you.
22.97 USD
Flex examines the various facets of both men's and women's bodybuilding. Flex Magazine is the most popular and authoritative magazine for bodybuilders published today! It's for serious weight lifters ...
22.97 USD
CBS Soaps in Depth
CBS Soaps In Depth Magazine is the only magazine that gives readers the detailed scoop behind all of their favorite CBS soaps! Every issue of CBS Soaps In Depth has up-to-the-minute news, exciting sne ...
22.97 USD
American Journal of Nursing
The American Journal of Nursing Magazine is the premier professional journal for today's nurse, providing comprehensive and in-depth information to help nurses stay current in their profession. Conten ...
22.97 USD
Step By Step Wire Jewelry
Step by Step Wire Jewelry is packed with detailed and illustrated how-to projects for every skill level. In every issue you'll discover the newest wire trends and learn creative techniques to make you ...
22.95 USD
Business Opportunities Handbook
Business Opportunities Handbook lists over 2,500 business and franchise opportunities. Each issue lists business opportunities with investment requirements ranging from $100 to $1 million. Special fea ...
22.95 USD
Muscle & Fitness
Muscle & Fitness Magazine is designed for men and women of any age. This magazine subscription is a great source for exercise, health, and nutrition advice. Each issue has articles on building mus ...
22.95 USD
Beckett Basketball
Beckett Basketball Monthly provides positive, in-depth coverage of the emerging and established superstars in professional basketball. Editorial content emphasizes photo-intensive feature articles on ...
22.95 USD
Classic Trucks
Classic Trucks magazine is dedicated to American vintage truck restoration with monthly tech tips, detailed product reviews, exciting event and show coverage, and vehicle features.
22.95 USD
ShopSmart is the lively new guide from the experts at Consumer Reports. Quick, easy-to-use, unbiased shopping advice to help readers find the best products and services for home, yard, health, fitness ...
22.95 USD
Franchise Handbook
Franchise Handbook is a quarterly directory of franchise opportunities. Each issue provides a wealth of information to help you find the right business opportunity. Every listing includes franchise de ...
22.95 USD
High Performance Pontiac
High Performance Pontiac is packed with Pontiac history, performance capabilities and technical highlights. It also features technical articles highlighting after-market parts and services, racer ...
22.95 USD
WineMaker helps you make world-class wine at home with hands-on articles, expert tips and great recipes for all levels of home winemakers.
22 USD
Archaeology combines worldwide archaeological findings with photography, specially rendered maps, drawings, and charts. Articles cover current excavations, recent discoveries, and special studies of ...
21.99 USD
Deer & Deer Hunting
Deer & Deer Hunting Magazine is for the serious, year-round whitetail hunting enthusiast. As America's number one publication for hunting the white-tailed deer, Deer and Deer Hunting Magazine prov ...
21.99 USD
Dell Official Variety Puzzle
A wide variety of fun-to-solve and educational puzzles. The source of entertainment for word lovers and quick puzzle minds.
21.97 USD
Stay on top of today's fast-changing Apple technology with Macworld magazine! Macworld is the ultimate resource for savvy users of Apple products. Every issue is filled with authoritative news, analys ...
21.97 USD
Mopar Action
Mopar Action is the best-selling Mopar enthusiasts' magazine on the market today. Covers the entire world of Chrysler, Plymouth and Dodge vehicles, including classics, muscle cars, race cars, new car ...
21.97 USD
Official Variety Puzzle & Word
A new variety puzzle magazine full of a wide variation of fun-to-solve puzzles. Along with a selection of quizzes, mazes, and other word and number puzzles, ranging from easy to difficult.
21.97 USD
Easy Fast N Fun Crossword
Perfect for the beginning crossword solver. From easy to medium difficulty.
21.97 USD
Official Variety Puzzles & Word Games
A new variety puzzle magazine full of a wide variation of fun-to-solve puzzles. Along with a selection of quizzes, mazes, and other word and number puzzles, ranging from easy to difficult.
21.97 USD
Drag Racing Action
Drag Racing Action provides event reports, interviews with drivers, profiles of funny cars, technical articles, and action photography.
21.97 USD
Published 4 times a year Stringing provides stylish and intriguing jewelry designs for the fashion conscious beader. Creative inspiration for beading your own earrings, bracelets and necklaces.
21.95 USD
Interweave Crochet
Published 4 times a year Interweave Crochet is your single best source for crochet news, ideas, articles, and best of all patterns! Prepare yourself for gasps of delight when your friends see you wo ...
21.95 USD
Golf World
Golf World Magazine is the world's best news magazine of golf. Let Golf World take you on tour with the pros and put you right in the middle of the action with same-week tournament coverage, scores, s ...
21.95 USD
Vanity Fair
Vanity Fair covers the people, issues, and events that define our times. This chronicle of contemporary culture provides access to the movers and shakers in film, music, entertainment, sports, busin ...
20.97 USD
Blue Ribbon Word Find
Classic brain teasers that will test your vocabulary.
20.5 USD
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